Hidden Dog Fence Testimonials


Justina / Traverse City:

My Boston Terriers really enjoy the freedom they have and it makes my life a lot easier. Thank You.

Craig / Kingsley:

With living in Northern MI the weather is very unpredictable and on cold, snowy or rainy days it is nice to be able to let my Yorkies out and not have to be in that weather with them. The system is great…..Thanks Jeff!!

Cathy / Traverse City:

I love that when I am outside doing stuff around my home, my Bichcon can walk the yard freely and I am not worried about him running off or getting into the road. I also appreciate Jeff’s professionalism. I have a very meticulous husband and the installation job was very neat and clean. Thank You!

John / Leelanau County:

My Cocker spaniel and Australian Cattle Dog/Bouvier Mix enjoy the freedom they have with the fencing system. I think it is great too. Also, being on the battery plan makes things easier for my wife and I.

Barb / Traverse City:

My Australian Sheppard loves to run so when I am not exercising him I am glad he can run around the yard freely for more exercise. The fencing system is great!

Ed / Alpena:

I can’t believe I didn’t invest in this system sooner! It is great that my Japanese Chin/Mix is able to have fun in the yard and I have peace of mind knowing she can’t run off. Also, Jeff did a great job with installation! Thanks.


For national testimonials about Dog Guard please click here.  Each of these customers had a positive experience with Dog Guard electronic dog fencing, and have told their story so that you would be able to have the confidence you need to let us protect your pet.

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